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Posted on: April 26th 2020

Another week of a new way of life...

Lockdown fatigue is a real thing - I think we've all experienced it as time both drags on and speeds up around us. We've been bombarded with images on all types of media of people undertaking massive challenges and changes. If this is you - well done. If it isn't, don't worry about it. We are making our own niches, and how ever you are coping, you are doing brilliantly. There is no blueprint to follow. You're making it as you go along. 

As time moves on we are acutely aware of our missing connections with your children. We miss our students. We miss how they will do and say amazing things without realising. We miss their banter with their friends, hearing laughing across the school. The looks of concentration when they are thinking deeply about something. As time moves on, its getting harder for us without you! We miss you. 

The thing about teaching, which many parents will now realise, is its about communication, and passion for the subjects we teach. Luckily, you as parents and carers have ALWAYS been the primary educators of your children, its just creating a new teaching muscle in your already vast resource as a family unit. Maybe in the future we will all look back at this time with an element of nostalgia? Who knows.

For now, the reality of another 2 weeks before review lies ahead of us. We are working hard to maintain some structure for those who want it, but as before, education is all around. We would be delighted if you use our resources to provide a routine and some school work - but we won't be insisting. Its about balance.  For us, the emotional wellbeing of our students is critical, if you think your daughter may benefit from some virtual counselling sessions, please raise this through your weekly tutor contact so we can expand our provision. 

Unfortunately, members of our school community are being affected by bereavements and as such we have updated our website with specific COVID-19 links if they would be a useful starting point for support. Please let us know if we can help you. 


We have also updated our resources page 


However you are managing at this time, you are doing well. The moods will ebb and flow, but what communities are doing is protecting those that most need it. 

Stay safe, stay well and keep talking to us.