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Posted on: April 20th 2020

Summer term begins - should I be doing something else?!

So in a usual way the school would be a hive of activity as we would be gearing up to welcome in our new cohort of students and be completing the final exam preparations – like many people we have to adjust to a new normal. These things are still taking place, just very differently. We will be making contact with our new cohort of our year 7, and confirming options with our year 9 this term. We’ll continue working with our other year groups and rescheduling things like work experience. The school hasn’t stopped.

We are hugely appreciative of the efforts our families are making, and the innovative way you are responding to the new restrictions. As usual, we will be uploading our new suggested work guidelines for parents and carers on Friday morning. Teachers, tutors and support staff will continue their work in reaching out to our families. Some families will have found rapidly changing circumstances. If you find yourself suddenly applying for universal credit or eligible for free schools meals please get in contact with us as we can then apply for additional support for you and your child, as well as ensure you are added to our voucher scheme.

Over the course of the last two weeks Easter break we have kept the school open for those that need it, we have shared PPE equipment with the Whittington Hospital, we have supplied a local carehome with food to show our appreciation of the work they are doing in such challenging circumstances, and we have continued to provide outreach support to our most vulnerable families through our voucher scheme. We have provided laptops to students who need it and responded to queries about tasks and future plans. We know parents of students in year 10, 11 and 13 will be extremely anxious about the results, gradings and courses. Schools are working within the guidelines issued by the DfE and seeking further clarification around this as appropriate. We will keep you updated.

There’s been a lot of very unhelpful information in the recent press about schools potentially re-opening soon. Naturally this has caused anxiety and stress to lots of families/carers/students and staff. We want to underline that we will act in a safe and responsible manner and keep communicating with you directly through our website. The safety of all in our school community is paramount and the decisions we make have that at the heart of all actions.

For now, take heart; keep balanced in expectations of yourselves and others. An extraordinary time requires an extraordinary response. Thank you to all of our families/ parents/ carers/ students and staff.

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