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We recognise the importance of developing a reading culture across the school. Reading enables students to acquire the necessary literacy skills to access our entire curriculum. Therefore, all students are expected to bring their reading books to school and to read during part of the school’s Community Time at the beginning of the day. Teachers also encourage reading within lessons.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a highly effective software programme for fostering reading growth in pupils.  It is built upon the principle that students need daily reading practice in order to progress rapidly in their reading.  The programme assesses their reading skills on a regular basis and identifies an optimum book level range which will ensure that students are choosing books which provide enough, but not too much, challenge for pupils, maximising their development as readers. 

Through quizzes, Accelerated Reader is able to diagnose weaknesses in pupils’ comprehension and therefore allows teachers to intervene and support students in a specific and personalised way.  The programme also allows us to reward students’ reading and therefore promote and raise the profile of reading practice across the school. Each child in year 7 and 8 is enrolled in this programme and has been set a points target for this term.  We set every student the goal of reading for at least 35 minutes daily, some of which will be completed during the school day.

Parents can access their child’s reading record through the following website address, using their childs’ username and password.

Home Connect

A useful website for viewing Accelerated Reader Books and their levels is