We recognise the importance of developing a reading culture across the school. Reading enables students to acquire the necessary literacy skills to access our entire curriculum. Therefore, all students are expected to have a reading book in school and to read during Core Learning Time at the beginning of the day. Teachers also encourage reading within lessons. We set every student the goal of reading for at least 35 minutes daily, some of which will be completed during the school day.

The Learning Resources Center (The LRC)

Our LRC is located at the front of the school and is a bright, welcoming environment for both students and staff. There are approximately 12,000 books including fiction, non fiction, graphic novels and manga and includes a large IT suite where students can study, complete homework and read.

The LRC at Hornsey aims to:

  • Provide a wide range of resources to support the needs of the curriculum and interests of the students

  • Raise literacy standards by encouraging a love of reading for pleasure across all formats and types

  • provide an educational environment that is clean, safe and to ensure that all students and staff have full access to the area during opening times

  • Ensure students are equipped with resources for a rapidly changing information environment

  • Continually review and monitor the area to continue to support students and staff in their academic needs

Opening Hours: 08:00 - 17:00

See our website: Hornsey School for Girls Learning Resource Centre