The Mathematics Ethos

Mathematics should be a fun and creative subject where students are able to express themselves through the exploration of their ideas and development of new skills. Lessons are planned to be as engaging as possible. This emphasis on making learning fun is underpinned by a strong commitment to continually improve attainment and, more importantly, progress. 

The Mathematics Dept continues to explore ways of offering a broad and comprehensive curriculum that can be accessed by all students.  Our maths teachers believe that students should be more inspired to develop holistically and increase their confidence in maths.


The Mathematics Department is led by Mx Leo Samolis


Mathematics is an essential skill in life and is at the heart of every day decision making. The department intends to support every student to achieve their potential and develop a deep understanding of Mathematics. The department offers a supportive, nurturing environment, focused on developing a culture of success. The experienced team of teachers strive to ensure that every student achieves their potential and develops a life-long love of learning.

We have sequenced our lessons, based around students being placed in ability groups and a scheme of learning, which prepares them for their GCSEs and using numerical skills in their lives. At frequent points throughout the year, students are provided with feedback and given the opportunity to securely embed a deep understanding of the topics covered.

We want our students to be numerically confident and leave the school not only with a strong qualification but with knowledge that can facilitate their next steps in their education, training and career.