Our Curriculum

At Hornsey School for Girls we intend that all students should develop their own perspective and judgements enabling them to  make sense of the world around them through a process of evaluating and critiquing. Alongside these skills which cater to the world of careers and finance for their futures, the school aims to promote curiosity, self-management, independence and the ability to manage their wellbeing; encouraging resilience and finding their passion by exposing them to a range of subjects and experiences.

Pastoral Curriculum 

We recognise the importance of a strong pastoral curriculum at Hornsey School for Girls that meets the growing needs of our students and falls in line with RSE/PSHE requirements and the duty of delivery that this encompasses. 

Each week the students in each year group will be exposed to numerous activities that become part of their pastoral offering, the timetable of which is below.  

Week one

Week two

Each year group will differ slightly in terms of the approach to key topics yet their timetable of activities remain much the same. 

This timetable encompasses work done through our pastoral curriculum model which is a springboard from our weekly assemblies and offers chances for extended learning across both key stages. It works in tandem with and picks up on key RSE/PSHE topics that we feel the students require or where there may be gaps in learning used to tighten those gaps and ensure that our students are catered for in these important developmental areas. 

There are other opportunities within our weekly timetable to focus on creating a love for reading and in KS4 an opportunity to revise, guiding them on key revision strategies and techniques to help them navigate this stressful time at school.

Each half term we will launch a series of assemblies that will be delivered by departments, leaders, students or individuals across the school to not only ensure we tackle key dates in the national calendar such as Anti Bullying Week, Black History Month and World Mental Health awareness but also needs within our community focussing on areas like health and wellbeing, online safety and self image. 

After each assembly the students in KS3 7-9 & KS4 10-11 are provided with a curriculum task that will be completed during tutor time and be an extension to assembly messages and an opportunity for our tutors to reinforce learning and give students the space to speak, ask questions and respond in their pastoral books 

Assemblies are planned and decided on a half termly basis, this is so that we can respond to the needs of our community and implement a relevant curriculum that can help support and guide our students pastorally. Each half term we will be running a wellbeing survey that will help determine how our students feel against a series of criteria, this will also help us with being strategic pastorally. 

The pastoral map below outline key areas that show our social, moral, social and cultural provision. 

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