Studying at Key Stage 4

The curriculum at Key Stage Four consists of the Core Curriculum (which is compulsory) and the Preference Curriculum (where students can choose to specialise in subjects).

The Core Curriculum

All students have to study the following subjects:

  • English and English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • PE
  • Religious Education

All students will follow taught programmes in English (leading to English Language and English Literature GCSEs for most students), Maths (leading to Maths GCSE) and Science.

In Science, most students will complete 2 science GCSEs. Some may also specialise in Triple Science or complete BTEC Level 2 (equivalent to 2 x GCSEs).

The Preference Curriculum

Students can also specialise in up to 3 additional qualifications from the Arts, Languages, Humanities and/or Technology subjects.

There are a range of qualifications on offer, including:

  • GCSE (assessed by examination and internally assessed coursework)
  • OCR Nationals (assessed by 100% coursework)