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Posted on: May 4th 2020

...and it goes on...

There is very little to report as we all head into week 6 of lockdown together. It is challenging to keep in the same four walls - and we are acutely aware that for some in our school community, walls don't represent the safety that they may for others. We are here for all and if you need our help and support please reach out to us - via your tutor, your DOL, by any teachers. 

This week we are trialling virtual assemblies. Our small experiment has already produced mixed results with the school reviewing at the end of this week. We wish to thank Ms Saunders for being the first of the DoLs to hold her virtual assembly on Friday - year 10 were amazing, responsible and excited to see each other on the screen. Each year group has its own distinct character and this is clear to see when we have hosted assemblies thus far. For security purposes, links are only sent to parental/ carer mobiles. A reminder text about expectations will also be sent - with the understanding that any inappropriate music, language, or use by unauthorised persons will result in the assembly being halted for all. This would be a shame so please help us maintain the usual standards.  In the current circumstances and given our commitment to safeguarding, we hope these requests seem reasonable. Hopefully parents/ carers support us in this. 

There has been continued speculation about the possible dates for schools re-opening. Whilst the media has been very unhelpful with dates from May and June being shared as possible, we wanted to confirm that we will continue to act responsibly and await further guidance. Until then, please try not to let dates take centre stage. The school, like many others in the locality, have undertaken planning exercises for utilising our space and considering how we can keep our staff & students safe as the critical priority for any re-opening. It's worth pointing out countries where some schools have opened have seen parents voting with their feet and not sending their children back to environments that they weren't confident in. We don't want that to be the case for us. When we have the right information in place, we will communicate with you all. In the meantime, its ok to feel bored, anxious, frightened, as well as content if the feeling takes you. 

As lockdown continues, a reminder that we have increased our capacity for virtual counselling sessions - please make contact via your tutor in the first instance so we can arrange this with you. We are regularly sending out vouchers for those families in need - if you need further support please contact us through your tutor. No child or family should be going without food or support and we can put you in contact with the right people to support if you are currently struggling financially. Life has changed and is changing for many in our school.

Finally, we think you are a fantastic school community. Thank you for being with us in this journey. We stand with you. 

Stay safe, stay well, stay home.