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Posted on: May 24th 2023

Big Bang 2023!

We had an amazing time today with the Big Bang Fair today - the brain child of Ms Peddie but a massive team effort across all of our year groups and staff. 

Today we had outside agencies, considered the role of energy and vehicles, were hugely entertained by the Royal Institute shows as well as showing off our coding skills.Ms McLoughlin and her team worked on sports-based team building - and students really worked hard on practical applications for skills across the board. Ms Hoare, Ms Bayhan and Ms Bierc ran a brilliant practical action project. Never to be outdone the Creative Enterprise Team (Ms Dacres, Ms Afolabi and Ms Wood) led on individual projects like creating pinball machines  - it was STEM focused in every possible way 

Images on the gallery below and special thanks to our students for always embracing new opportunities, experiences and skills. Our curriculum and days like this are designed to enahnce critical skills needed in education and training as students progress, as well as support and broaden students understanding of the career opportunities open to them. 

We're looking forward to welcoming parents and carers to the Royal Institute show later this evening, followed by some beer and gin tasting to raise funds for our HSA! 



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