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Posted on: April 27th 2022

Cultural dress day 6th May 

Student leaders were keen to confirm that we could run a fundraising day to support their final push to their prom and have asked us to host again a culture day where all in the school can dress indicating their family heritage. 

We were last able to hold these in 2019, so please forgive the older images  - but we would like to encourage both staff and students to wear an outfit that shows their family heritage. We are extremely proud of our student staff body - a global community in the heart of N8. This includes - wearing national colours, flags, national dress and outfits. We want to encourage as much colour and diversity as possible! 

Last time we saw outfits from across Carribean islands, South Asia, Scotland, Turkey, Australia and all parts of Africa - too many to list but a joy to see being represented. An optional and voluntary contribution of £1 will be asked for and this will go directly to supporting the year 11 prom.