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Posted on: October 31st 2023

Education against discrimination

This week we will start a series of workshops with all year groups starting with year 7 and 8 focusing on our core values as a school. Respect is a critical value for us in the school. It allows us to celebrate and support our individuality and promotes working together as a community, even if we disagree or are passionate about an event or cause. 

During the workshops students will not complete usual lessons and instead will be working with outside speakers. 

For parents and carers interested, please see below a little about the company we have invited in. 

Stand Up! is an anti-discrimination interfaith project, led by Maccabi GB and CST, which brings Muslim and Jewish educators into the classroom to facilitate informal conversations with young people. By creating a safe space and through interactive workshops, students are empowered to learn about and act against racism and discrimination with a specific focus on antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate. Young people are provided with the tools on how to report hate crime, whilst developing their sense of social responsibility to their local communities and British society as a whole. 

We have increased our capacity for counselling as we are aware that many of our students may be struggling with the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Middle East at this present time.