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Posted on: March 9th 2022

Update on relaxation of Covid Mitigations

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we reflect and review our school systems as a result of Covid.

From the 14th March we will be revising our systems and implementing the following: 

Lunchtime - all year groups returning to one lunchtime taking place between 12:40-13:30pm. 

Assemblies - these will now take place in the community theatre and be 'live' following an extended period of virtual assemblies. 

We will continue to monitor case rates and numbers and will revert back to mitigations required to keep our students and staff safe if these are appropriate. 

In the interim we will still:-

-retain an enhanced cleaning regime in place

-provide anti-bacterial wipes and sanitiser to all classrooms

-have a number of air filters across the school 

- continue to monitor CO2 and ventilation across the school 

-encourage the use of face coverings as a matter of personal choice for staff and students in communal areas

-Parental events will likely be a mix of on school site and virtual and these will be advised separately. 

Thank you