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Posted on: May 20th 2021

Current Affairs @ HSG

Dear Parents and Carers

As you will be aware from the news the Israel/Palestine conflict has sparked tensions within our society and is a very complex issue.

As a school, we recognise and support every individual child's right to support a political course and to protest/debate and engage with these issues. We are an inclusive school and can present no bias or political opinion.  This week student's have been expressing their political opinions through a variety of methods that have caused some upset and tensions for other students. The tone has, at times been aggravated and uncomfortable for some students. This is not reflective of our inclusive ethos or our school community as a whole. 

At this time, you are requested to display your views/ protests and demonstration of political viewpoints at home or within the wider local community but that at school, student's are wearing uniform and focused on their learning. Our school has to be a safe and welcoming environment for all. 

This is to ensure there is a peaceful atmosphere and climate for all in our learning environment.​ Director's of Learning  will be doing assemblies about peaceful protest and positive action shortly. 

Thank you