Our intent is to deliver a curriculum for purpose that challenges our students to become scientifically literate analytical critical thinkers who strive to reach their full potential and give them the greatest opportunity for success in life. We aim for our students to complete the curriculum as confident creative problem solvers with a wider understanding and sense of curiosity for the wonders of the world around them

The teaching of science at Hornsey School for Girls aims to:

  • Make pupils aware of the historical and ongoing role that science plays in developing the world around them and on a global scale, for the sustainable advancement of the world society.
  • Promote a positive and life-long interest in learning about science.
  • Develop the science understanding of pupils using familiar contexts, personal opinion, investigation and secondary sources of information in books and on computer.
  • Develop literacy, numeracy and ICT skills by providing varying opportunities to communicate, analyse and display information.
  • Promote collaborative work to develop the pupils’ interpersonal and leadership skills, leading to confidence in problem solving and communicating information to others.
  • Foster a sense of individual and collective responsibility for the environment.
  • Actively assess pupil strengths and weaknesses through testing, marking of work, discussion and self-assessment, to inform both teacher and pupil of progress in science leading to the setting of informed targets for personal progression and future attainment.


KS4 GCSE Science Revision Resources

The science team have provided resources for all students to access and help with revision. The content and resources will be regularly updated and your teachers will inform you of any changes. 

Please click here to access the shared drive.

 You will need an email and password (this will be shared in lesson).



Resources & Facilities

The science teaching area is located on the third floor in 12 laboratories and 1 ICT classroom. 

All science lessons take place in a designated laboratory and science teachers are allocated their own room for all of their lessons.