Creative Enterprise (inc DT, STEM, CSci, Art)

The Creative Enterprise dept contains the disciplines based around manufacture, creation of products and selling/ marketing of products and incorporates Art, Computer Science, DT and Business. 

- Computer Science 

ICT is embraced to facilitate effective, independent and confident learning supported by emphasis on higher level thinking, pioneering skills and the development of critical ICT literacy.  Underpinning this is on-going professional development with an emphasis on the Computer Science pedagogy. 

We aspire to develop young learners who can critically assess information and use ICT as a tool to promote learning and be global literate 21st century citizens in a variety of both electronic and real situations. The intelligent use of ICT infrastructure which allows 24/7 access via the MLE will allow the development of virtual classrooms enabling secure and reliable communication with parents, carers, other schools and the Local Authority.

At Key Stage 3 the ICT course is now referred to as Computer Science.

Enterprise - Business

Business has a vision to inspire and develop learners to enjoy and achieve whilst developing their interest into the complex and ever evolving worlds of business, finance and the economy. We aim to provide our students with skills which will support them in their progression onto higher learning and in their working careers.

The department is committed to developing:

  • Understanding of business, finance and the economy and enabling students to transfer skills learnt through communication, presentation, team work, leadership and problem solving to their future education pathway and careers.
  • Understanding the volatile nature of financial markets.
  • Critical, analytical and evaluative skills.
  • The importance of globalisation, the role of the UK globally, the relationships of markets and innovation and wealth creation.
  • Understanding the importance codes of conduct and the importance of ethical behaviour in business.
  • Understanding the role of technology and developing research and analytical skills.
  • Cost benefit analysis skills as an example of areas that might be covered.

Enterprise - DT 

Students are encouraged through the different areas to enagage with creativity, product design and developing conceptual thinking through product design, graphics, textiles and food technology. All students study DT in KS3 and can choose an option in KS4.

Resources & Facilities.

The School has 8 purpose built computer rooms each with 27-30 computers. All the computers run subject related software. They are connected to the Internet via a 100Mb/sec dedicated fibre connection.

DT has six specialised classrooms.There are two classrooms in the resistant materials / systems and control / graphics area, which have been refurbished and include a suite of design computers and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and Computer Aided Machines (CAM) including a laser cutter and milling machine.