English and Media

Studying English opens the door to success across the whole curriculum, helping students to gain confidence in both their oral and written communication. Th study of English also encourages the soft skills of empathy and understanding; students are invited to explore character and their reactions to texts throughout the curriculum at Hornsey School for Girls.

The department consists of a dynamic and highly knowledgeable group of teachers who are passionate about their subject. Teaching is rigorous, challenging as well as supportive of those with EAL and SEN needs.

Creativity is at the heart of the curriculum and students will learn to speak and write in a range of forms and registers, developing increasing levels of sophistication and independence as they progress through the school. KS3 students will all have the opportunity to study a range of novels, plays, poems and non-fiction texts, preparing them for the demanding KS4 curriculum.

We are a successful, creative and outward looking department. Our department is characterised by a strong sense of collaboration, enthusiasm for our subject and high aspirations for our teaching and our students’ learning. We enjoy an excellent working relationship with our students, our parents, our colleagues and our school community. The department’s main aim is to achieve the highest possible standards for all of our students. We hope that our students will enjoy their work in English and Media and strive to ensure that our curriculum offers a rich and diverse range of learning experiences.

Media Studies

Studying Media Studies at KS4 prepares students who are aiming to go on to a media related university course or a career in film, television, marketing or journalism. The media industry is hugely influential and incredibly powerful, impacting on almost every aspect of our lives. Studying Media Studies GCSE will help students to understand, critique and evaluate the impact and effect of modern media through the detailed analysis and deconstruction of a wide range of different media texts and the examination of workings of popular culture. At the same time students will also create their own media products through an exciting practical element to the course which will stretch their creative and technical talents.

  • Clubs for KS3

Debate Mate's motto of 'Learn Today. Lead Tomorrow' gives students the skills of debate and public speaking to ensure they are better prepared for a global and ever-changing world. This club is offered after school every Wednesday and also includes the opportunity to go to other schools for debate competitions. This highly valuable club is available to all KS3 students.

Debate mate


The department is led by Ms Crabtree and Ms Ashraf

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