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School Expectations

Our Behaviour Policy

The Aim of our Behaviour Policy at Hornsey School for Girls is to seek to create an environment in the school which encourages, reinforces and rewards good behaviour in order to promote maximum opportunities for learning.  Furthermore, it is acknowledged that society expects good behaviour as an important outcome of the educational process.


  • To set up a framework to ensure that all students within the school enjoy, achieve and stay safe.  In addition students should make a positive contribution, be healthy and achieve economic independence 

  • To create an environment where respect is given and received by all

  • To create an environment where good behaviour is encouraged, reinforced and rewarded by all staff  thereby supporting teaching and learning

  • To define acceptable standards of behaviour

  • To encourage consistency of response to both positive and negative behaviour and ensure that staffsupport and collaborate with each other

  • To ensure all staff are accountable for behaviour in their classroom, learning areas and around the school

  • To ensure that the school's expectations and behaviour management strategies are widely known and implemented

  • To promote self-esteem, self-discipline and positive relationships

  • To use an assertive approach in all our dealings with students using high levels of emotional intelligence

  • To encourage collaboration between home and school in the implementation of this policy

  • To ensure all students are treated fairly and respectfully.