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Attendance & Punctuality

Excellent attendance and punctuality

Every student is expected to attend school every day and to be on time for school and lessons.  If students are not in school they are missing out on their education. Parents are expected to ensure their daughters attend school, on time, every day. 

High attendance is a priority at Hornsey School for Girls.  Successful students have excellent attendance and our target for all students is to maintain no less than 97% attendance. 

Student Absence

Students should only be absent from school for valid reasons such as genuine illness or school arranged activities. The following reasons for absences will not be authorised: your daughters or another family member’s birthday; shopping; haircuts, etc.

If there is an emergency or crisis situation that cannot be planned for, please follow the following procedures:

Reporting an absence

It is vital that all absences are reported to the school. This should be done before 8.40am on the first day of absence and on each consecutive day.

Please Note: student absences can be reported on the absence hotline on extension 484 or alternatively by email at

Absence for Short Periods within the School Day

Students should be encouraged to make appointments at the end of the school day or in the holidays where possible.

Truancy Call

This is an automated first day calling system for all students who are absent from school. This is administered at about 10am daily after late arrivals are recorded and removed from the Truancy Call, as well as absences that have been reported to the Absence Hotline (extension 484) or emailed to A text or automated voice message is sent to the parent/carer enquiring as to why the student is absent.


We will not authorise any holiday during term time. All parent/carers have been informed of this decision. The consequences of an unauthorised holiday include:

  • Losing a school place
  • A fixed penalty fine
  • Legal action by the authority

Any requests for time off during term time due to exceptional circumstances such as a family emergency must be made in writing to the Director of Learning in the first instance.