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Why study History?

History will enhance your understanding of a variety of subjects including politics, culture and religion.
Historians also have a great deal to offer in a range of careers and degrees including Journalism, Law, Media, Teaching, Advertising, Politics, the Civil Service and Business. History A Level is highly regarded at degree level as it shows an advanced level of analytical thought, explanation and written communication.

What will I study?

You will develop expertise in historical skills and acquire knowledge and understanding through the ability to study a wide range of topics in British, European and American History from the medieval period through to the late twentieth century.

AS Level

Unit 1: The Origins & Course of the French Revolution 1774 - 1795. Students will learn about how the French Revolution started and study the dramatic and bloodthirsty events which marked its progress until 1795. 
Unit 2: The Early Stuarts & the Origins of the Civil War 1603 - 1642. This unit looks at the reign of King James I, including the religious conflict and financial problems which contributed to the outbreak of Civil War under King Charles I.

A2 Level

Unit 3: The Russian Revolution & the Establishment of Bolshevik Power 1905-1924. Students will study different historical versions of the revolution and assess the accounts and differences between them. 
Unit 4: Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992. Students will need to study this topic in depth and breadth. They will need to establish historical patterns of change and continuity, and select appropriate exemplars to illustrate similarities and differences across the whole period in the development of the topic.

Link to OCR History website

How is the course assessed?

In the first year there are exams at the end of each unit. In A2 Unit 3 is marked via controlled assessment and unit 4 is an exam. In A2 students will also be required to research and and write an extended essay on a topic agreed with their teacher, and use different historians to consider a key historical question.

What grades do I need to study History at HSC?

If you have not studied History at GCSE, and obtained a grade C or above, you will need to have a B or above in another Humanities subject and be able to demonstrate a keen interest in History. You will also need a GCSE in English.