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The Mathematics Ethos

Mathematics should be a fun and creative subject where students are able to express themselves through the exploration of their ideas and development of new skills. Lessons are planned to be as engaging as possible. This emphasis on making learning fun is underpinned by a strong commitment to continually improve attainment and, more importantly, progress. The department feels strongly that success in Mathematics will significantly improve the life chances of all our students. As well as success through exam results, Mathematics lessons should equip students with the numeracy skills required to be successful in the wider workplace as well as develop students’ critical thinking skills.

The Mathematics Dept continues to explore ways of offering a broad and comprehensive curriculum that can be accessed by all students. Students should be inspired and teachers are able to increase students’ confidence in Mathematics. Our maths teachers believe that students should be more inspired to develop holistically and increase their confidence in maths.


The Mathematics Department is led by Ms Kerr-Allen and the Senior Leader with responsibility for the department is Mr Ali.


All students are given an exercise book for their work. Students must have the rest of their equipment for every lesson.

Students in Years 7 and 8 study the four areas of Mathematics: Number and Algebra, Shape, Space and Measure, Data Handling and Problem Solving. The curriculum topics are spiral and students are assessed at the end of each unit. Students are expected to make a minimum of 2 sub levels of progress a year. However, higher levels of progress are encouraged.

Students will undertake a baseline assessment, which we use along side the KS2 level to group students. We have the flexibility to move students between groups.