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Exam and Revision Information

The documents and information here are designed to provide guidance to support your daughter’s learning. There will be a range of materials from exam timetables, to revision aids. Key information will also be provided at different times of the year.


Top Tips To Help Students With Revision

  1. Short bursts of revision (30-40 minutes) are most effective. Your concentration lapses after about an hour and you need to take short breaks (5-10 minutes).

  2. Find a quiet place to revise - your bedroom, school, and the library - and refuse to be interrupted or distracted.

  3. Don't get stressed out - talk to a member of staff if you need help.

  4. Eat properly and get lots of sleep.

  5. Believe in yourself and be positive!




Page Documents Date  
Yr11 PPE TIMETABLE Student VERSION.docx 21st Oct 2016 Download
P16 PPE Timetable 20th Dec 2016 Download
PPE Letter Dec 2016 20th Dec 2016 Download