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Our Curriculum

The Government announced important changes in assessing GCSEs which affected students beginning their GCSEs in 2015 onwards.  All GCSEs became linear examinations, which mean that there will be no modular exams in the future. Therefore we have to change the way we prepare students for examinations. Some vocational courses status was also revised which we have responded too.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Literacy & numeracy pathways embeded further at Key Stage Three
  • More time for Foundation Subjects at Key Stage Three
  • The development of Computer Science course at Key Stage Three
  • Increase in Science at Key Stage Four, which is necessary with the move towards linear examinations
  • Adaptation of the curriculum at all key stages to not disadvantage students in the next stage of their learning, training or work.

We are confident that these changes will continue to improve the experiences for our learners and help them on their journey to continuing to acheive results far above national averages.

Information about progress 8 can be found below

Page Documents Date  
GCSE Fact Sheet 06th Jul 2017 Download
Afterschool Intervention Timetable 2018... 11th Oct 2018 Download