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Government & Politics

Why study Government & Politics?

Politics as a subject will be new to most students studying A Levels and most see it as a fresh and enriching experience. By studying Politics you will be able to understand how the political system works in the UK, locally and nationally, as well as across Europe.
If you have an enquiring mind and the desire to learn about how the political system works and its impact on the country, then you should choose this course.

What will I study?

The course comprises of four units of study taught across the two years.

AS Level

Unit 1: People & Politics. This unit introduces students to the key channels of communication between government and the people and encourages them to evaluate the adequacy of existing arrangements for ensuring representative democracy and participation. The topics studied are: Democracy and Political Participation, Elections, Political Parties and Pressure Groups.

Unit 2: How is the UK Governed? This unit introduces students to the major governmental processes in the UK. It encourages them to develop a critical understanding of the role and effectiveness of key institutions, and of the relationship amongst them in the context of multi-level government. The topics studied are: the Constitution, Parliament, Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Judiciary and Civil Liberties.


A2 Level

Unit 3c: Key Themes in Political Analyses: Representative Processes in the USA. Students are introduced to the representative processes underpinning US Politics. This gives an opportunity to apply and extend the concepts studied at AS level to the context of American Politics. Topics studied are: Elections, Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Race & Ethnic Politics.

Unit 4c: Extended Themes in Political Analyses: Governing the USA. This unit further develops students’ understanding of the major governmental processes in the USA. It encouraged critical comparison with the effectiveness of key institutions studied at AS level. Students will examine the role of the Constitution, Congress, Presidency, and the Supreme Court.


Link to Edexcel Government & Politics website

How is the course assessed?

This course is 100% examination covering the subjects learnt from each module. There are two exam papers at AS, and two exam papers at A2. Exam questions range from short definition questions to extended essay questions.

What grades do I need to study Government & Politics at HSC?

You should have good GCSE grades including a minimum of a C grade in English..