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Why study Geography?

There are many reasons to choose Geography A Level from the enjoyment of learning about people and their societies, economies and cultures to globalisation, debt and environmental change and the impacts on human society.
By choosing Geography you will develop global knowledge and skills acquired in Geography GCSE which are highly sought after in the global workforce and at university.

What will I study?

You will investigate a range of global issues to explore a range of exciting and current topics including: the causes and impacts of natural disasters, the effects of climate change, urban migration and the congested planet. There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to participate in fieldwork. 

AS Level

Unit 1: Global Challenges. Students will look at the meaning, causes and impacts of a number of headline global issues including hazards, climate change, the challenge of even development and the role of globalisation.
Unit 2: Geographical Investigations. How human and physical issues affect lives and can be managed in urban areas and during weather events. Students will undertake 2-3 fieldwork opportunities for this unit.

A2 Level

Unit 3: Congested Planet. Students will learn about the use and management of the world's resources.
Unit 4: Geographical Research. Students will choose to research a topic from a range of given subjects.

Link to Edexcel Geography website

How is the course assessed?

This course is assessed by two exams in each year covering the range of subjects taught at AS and A2 Level. At AS Unit 2 is a fieldwork exam and students will be examined on their understanding of the topics and their analysis of fieldwork they have carried out.

What grades do I need to study Geography at HSC?

To take Geography A Level you will require a grade C GCSE in Geography.


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