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Extended Project Qualification

Why study the Extended Project Qualification?

This is an exciting new course which helps students to acquire and develop sophisticated study skills. You will have the freedom and the responsibility to select your own area for study, but you follow a clearly structured process whereby you plan, research and write a report on a topic of your choice.

What will I study?

Our EPQ allows each student to embark on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project. Students must choose a topic, plan, research and develop their idea and decide on their finished product.
We encourage creativity and curiosity. A project topic may be directly related to a student's main study programme, but should look beyond the specification. A finished product may take the form of a: research based written report, production (eg charity
event, fashion show or sports event etc), or an artefact (eg piece of art, a computer game or realised design).

Students must also record their project process in their Production Log. The process of recording and completing a project is as important as the finished product. Both the Production Log and Product will be assessed.

Link to AQA website

How is the course assessed?

Your plans and research are recorded in your production log and finally you will deliver a presentation on which you will also be assessed. After evaluating your own presentation, your entire production log is marked first by your teacher, then submitted to the exam board. 

What grades do I need to study EPQ at HSC?

The EPQ is academically demanding, so you will be expected to have at least 5 A*-C grades at GCSE, with at least a B in English Literature or Language to ensure you can cope with writing a report of 2000-5000 words.