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Why study Spanish?

With an A Level in Spanish you can go to university not only to study a language course, which could lead you to become a teacher or a translator, but also to add a specialism to your main subject such as International Law or Foreign Affairs. If you enjoyed studying Spanish at GCSE level and would like to develop your language skills further then this is the course for you.

What will I study?

AS Level

Unit 1: Spoken Expression & Response.
Unit 2: Understanding & Written Response.
These units draw upon four general topic areas: youth culture and concerns, lifestyle: health and fitness, the world around us, and education and employment.

A2 Level

Unit 3: Understanding & Spoken Response. Students will research and present in French on a subject of their choice. 
Unit 4: Research, Understanding & Written Response. Students will be working with translation from English to French and will translate a text, play film or topic of their choice that links to the culture and/or society of a Spanish-speaking country, countries and community.

Link to Edexcel Spanish website

How is the course assessed?

Students are assessed in each year by written and speaking examinations.

What grades do I need to study Spanish at HSC?

Students wishing to study this course will need at least an A*-B grade GCSE in Spanish.