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English Language

Why study English Language?

Students who study AS Level English Language have a wide range of courses open to them at university.
This AS course allows progression for students interested in studying English Language, Linguistics or English Studies at university. By studying AS English you will develop your written and spoken expression. In addition, the style of learning introduces learners to the academic principles of working with data. For these reasons AS English will complement any other subjects being studied within the sixth form.

What will I study?

You will have opportunities to go on educational visits and, where possible, you will explore real examples of language being used in different contexts. For example this could be by watching a radio play being performed or hearing a speech being delivered.
Unit 1: Categorising Texts. Section A looks at methods of exploring and understanding spoken and written language in everyday sources. Section B explores the the introduction to the study of language and focuses on three specific social contexts: Language & Power, Language & Gender and Language & Technology. 
Unit 2: Creating Texts. Candidates produce two pieces of different genres and for different audiences and purposes.

Link to AQA English Language website

How is the course assessed?

The AS Level for English Language is assessed by a portfolio of written coursework and an exam. 

What grades do I need to study English Language at HSC?

You will need at least five A* - C grades at GCSE with a B in English.