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Why study Maths?

Many degree courses do not require specific A Level subjects, but, of those that do, Maths is by far the subject most commonly required. In fact, there are very few degree subjects for which an A Level in Maths would not be useful.
An A Level in Maths is also highly desirable in the workforce because of the problem solving and analytical skills you will develop through this course. 

What will I study?

Independent study and research are vital for success in Maths A Level so you should expect this to constitute a significant part of the course.

AS Level

Pure Mathematics (C1 and C2) and Statistics (S1).
In C1 and C2, students will study methods such as Differentiation, Integration, Algebra and Functions. 

In S1, students will study concepts such as Probability, Correlation and Regression and the Normal Distribution.

A2 Level

Pure Mathematics (C3 and C4) and Mechanics (M1).

In C3 and C4, students will further develop their knowledge of methods such as Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Vectors and Exponentials.

In M1, students will study concepts such as Mathematical Modelling, Statistics, Dynamics and Moments.

Link to Edexcel Maths website

How is the course assessed?

Each module is assessed via a 1.5 hour written examination, with the examination for C1 being non-calculator. There is no coursework component and there is an option to re-sit the papers where necessary. Internal assessments will take place at regular times in the year to ensure that students are on track.

What grades do I need to study Maths at HSC?

Students wishing to choose this course will require a minimum of an A  grade in Maths at GCSE.