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Posted on: May 7th 2017

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an Ocean - Ryunosuke Satoro

We ‘officially’ started exam season the exam season this week for our Post 16 students and year 11’s. This is generally a frantic time in any school career, the culmination of many years and hours of study for our students, and investment of time, energy and passion on behalf of the school. We so want our children to do their best, and for us, it  is understanding they’re unique in how they manage themselves through this next stage. We want to work with our parents at this final stage and have welcomed targeted students to events specific to their needs. 

Those of you on twitter will know that this weekend, some of our year 11 students attended a Maths focused residential to support them engaging in the new GCSE. In parallel to this, our high performing History and Government & Politics dept invited in a Chief Examiner for a conference at the school to support students, and a number of other depts. ran additional classes on Saturday too. This work is ongoing for us. It doesn’t start and end at year 11. It started for us when your children walked through the gate in year 7. It starts with every extra-curricular activity they get involved in, every performance they’ve watched or participated in. It starts with the discipline they learn through their classes, and the communication skills that have been enhanced by attending the school. This exam season is a culmination of all of those things.

We know it’s a challenging time and our student anxiety levels are increasing. We are doing all we can to tap into their character and resilience, as well as their revision and exam skills so that they can be the best they can be in preparation of this important stage. We have our counsellors onsite, mentoring programmes, core learning teachers, directors of learning, the student support team and senior staff on hand to support your children. If there’s something you feel we could help with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your daughter’s director of learning in the first instance.

In other news of the school, thank you to all the parents who came along to the second ‘dig it’ Saturday. Ms Clarke and the Geography team, with a dedicated team of students, governors and parents have been planting away at the new student garden. Your community spirit is much appreciated. We had a number of students perform at the Step into Dance Sharings alongside other Haringey Schools. We also waved off the wonderful Ms Kothari, Assistant Head of Hornsey Sixth Form College for maternity leave on Thursday. We welcome Ms Hewitt onto the Senior Leadership team in her place. We’re extremely lucky to have a large talent pool of exceptional staff in the school and know that this will be a great appointment for the students. Finally, we were delighted to be award winners for the second year running in the SSAT Educational Outcomes Awards, recognising the highest performing schools in the country, more on that to follow in the next few weeks!

There’s a time to be a drop, and there’s a time to be an ocean...

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