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Posted on: March 5th 2017

#Hornseyhearsmyvoice - The Deputy Head Speaks!

Our ambitions and focus on all of our students continue, as we hope you can see from the theatre trips, World Book Day events, and a personal development theatre group performing for year 9's. Lovely to share a reward moment with our Chair of Governors too! 

This term, in the spirit of #Hornseyhearmyvoice the Headteacher's blog will become a more fluid affair. I'd like you to be able to hear what other senior leaders think and feel too. You will all know I am sure, Ms Rooke, an exceptional deputy headteacher, and an integral part of the senior leadership team. For this blog, she shares her thoughts with you. 

Ms R, 05/03/2017

#Hornseyhearsmyvoice - The Deputy Head Speaks!

Having worked at Hornsey School for Girls for over twelve years it is true to say that there have been some amazing moments and some challenges. Nothing ever beats working directly with the students.

This week saw the launch of the first Headteacher’s afternoon teas. These are a reward, that forms part of our updated behaviour systems, that recognise the contribution of our students. As parents and carers will know our students get achievement and behaviour points. Student’s conduct is measured and achievements are rewarded. Twenty one students across year 9-11 formed the first wave of students to have this opportunity.

It was lovely to be able to observe the students hear how their behaviour and conduct was noticed around the school and how their daily, focused attitudes to their learning impacted positively.  The students thoroughly enjoyed sampling the range of finger foods and cakes ... with the macaroons becoming a strong favourite!

They shared their views with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors about what they would like done in the future at the school, how the event could support new friendships forming (and requests for other foods they’d like to see available!) We always listen carefully and will add in the networking training and games that they suggested for the second afternoon tea before Easter ... which year groups will be receiving their golden tickets next ...??

In addition to this highlight of our week we were notified of our intake for September 2017. As a parent I am fully aware of the anxieties around the admission process. Waiting for that confirmation email, forgetting the log in details, prior to the happiness or impending doom if we have not got our first choice. We all want the very best for our children and it can be very daunting facing these transitional moments as our children grow up. We are delighted to welcome our new cohort and are very excited to be hosting the first of our two transition events this Wednesday and Thursday with our friendship afternoon and Open Evening.

Many of our new parents and carers have questions that they wish to be answered; on Wednesday and Thursday we will have key colleagues available for you to speak to should you have any queries at this stage. Over the years we have noticed that the transition process of going from primary to secondary is far smoother the greater interaction students have with the school over the summer term and as such we have built a secure programme to enable that smooth transition for all involved. We truly do believe our motto – the better prepared the stronger – this is ever more important when starting a new school. If you want to see what happens on a daily basis, for every year group, look out for our twitter updates. In keeping with our theme of #hornseyhearsmyvoice we will be doing a ‘day in the life of’ different year groups throughout this week.

Another very special day is occurring this week ... International Women’s Day. We have a range of events happening across the school and externally to celebrate. Watch out for our Twitter and Facebook pages this week to see just what the different subjects are doing. 

Ms Rooke, 05/03/2017

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