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Posted on: January 29th 2017

We watch, we listen, we prepare, we act!

We are educating our children in unique times, and as parents, I can only imagine the conversations that have been going on around living rooms and dinner tables in the last week. You will know that we are striving to constantly improve our communications and our relationships with all our students, parents and staff. This has led us this term to the theme of 'Hornsey Hear my Voice' We are listening, and we are changing as a result of the feedback we get. We value your interactions with us, and I hope you gain a flavour of the work and improvements we are striving to make in this blog.  

In school, we’ve been doing our most to work on our student experience. In English, Ms W provided the launch of the Urban Debate League for DebateMate. What a brilliant brilliant event – weeks in the preparation for her, working with students. We even tried to encourage our more erm...impassioned (read argumentative!) students to join this great programme which teaches the critical skill of debate, following parliamentary rules. I appreciate there might be some irony in our London School Girls being able to debate more eloquently, confidently, and eruditely than certain World Leaders on the current stage, but still, a critical skill for our students, made possible by the commitment of the English team.

What was fantastic, apart from the growth of our students visible from week to week, was the fact that Hornsey School for Girls hosted the launch of the biggest league with 8 schools – we welcomed Archers Academy, Heartlands High, Highgate Wood, Parliament Hill, Bishop Douglas School, London Academy, and Copthall School to join us in a series of debates. We did really well, winning a number of the motions, but actually that was nearly immaterial, because what we saw was a roomful of teenagers, 155 of them, eager and willing to engage in considered debate, thinking on their feet, respectful, poised, polite, challenging and communicating  and making connections across the diverse population that is London. We even shared the surprising news to our co-ed schools, that girls schools do have male bathroom facilities! 

Last week we also had three key events in our transition events which supported year 9, year 11 and year 12 & 13.  The year 9 took part in taster lessons in preparation for next month where they will pick their options and thus begin their GCSE’s in earnest. This has already happened in some of the core subjects, but it gives them a real insight into the skills and type of lessons that they will be choosing for the next 2 years. Our year 11, also had an idea of what the 6th form would be like, and they too, took part in A Level lessons, experiencing the jump, the range of material and skills they would need as they specialise for the next two years. Ms Kothari, our amazing lead for Hornsey Sixth form College, and her team, have led a varied programme. For year 13, this involved a PCD session focused on apprenticeships. We are open with our various partners, so it was lovely to hear that the feedback from Haringey was ‘HSC are trail blazers in this area owing to their forward thinking views’ related to the apprenticeship market’

It's experiences like these that we know we need to embed further into our offer for our girls. We've had really positive feedback from students involved in all of our events so far - and so we continue to watch, to listen, to learn, and to act. 

Ms R