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Posted on: December 8th 2017

Student reviews of The Riot Act on road safety


On Thursday 7th December a theatre group came to Hornsey to give an assembly on road safety.

In the assembly they put on a play with three characters: Fran, Joe and Tom. Tom was younger than Fran and Joe. Fran was very careless near roads and nearly got Tom killed on multiple occasions. On the other hand Joe was very cautious and tried to keep Tom safe.

I found it really influential. Before this assembly I wasn’t very cautious or education on road safety but they opened my eyes to the many dangers of roads. They taught us to put away all our distractions: phone, music, etc, to look left and right, and to listen out for the sound of a car or motorbike. I feel I will be a lot safer now I know all of this.


After watching the educational performance ‘The Riot Act’ I can safely say that my life has been positively impacted!

Today, December 7th, we, Hornsey School for Girls, were lucky enough to enjoy a funny yet educational performance on road safety. The characters involved gave a realistic portrayal of the minds of secondary school students. The cast performed well, never breaking character, and had a lot of chemistry on stage. They were all very light-hearted people, so the important message did not come across as too preach-y.

I would definitely recommend this performance for our age group, and would rate it a solid five stars!


The Riot Act came to perform for the Year 7s in Hornsey School for Girls and this is what I thought about it.

At first I found it funny how they were making funny faces and other funny things. I found it entertaining when the two brothers were fighting for stupid reasons which relates to me with my brothers! However, I found it really serious and upsetting how they said a lot of people die because they are looking down at their phone, listening to music or not looking where they are going. In the play, the responsible character turns into the irresponsible one. I know I am never going to go on my phone while I am near a road. 

Thank you to Ms Wildish and the year 7 team for arranging this key event in ensuring our students consider their wellbeing and safety at all times!