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    Posted on: November 19th 2017

    Be the change you want to see...

    We’ve had another action packed week at the school with theatre groups in for year 9, 10 and 11, and our final open event of the year for our 6th form which was very well attended and open to all of our students from year 9 onwards as part of our developing careers programme across all year groups. Our commitment to widening citizenship and safety continue with a partnership with TFL to support messages around personal safety this week with year 9 – and not to forget that Ms Wildish has created a fantastic author event on Monday with a number of our primary schools. As ever, the curriculum inside the classroom is supported by our use of different partnerships outside to enhance the experience of our learners – and, because its been at least 3 weeks since I’ve said it – makes us the best school in the whole of Haringey! Apologies if you are getting tired of hearing it, but I’m still incredibly proud of the staff and students that enabled us to reach such fantastic levels of progress, 1st  in the borough at KS4 for progress; 3rd in the borough for KS5 for progress.

    This week, however, like a number of local schools, we received information about a number of school children, across the Haringey schools collecting together in large groups in local areas, intimidating shoppers, and shop keepers going about their daily business as they have an absolute right to do. What I find interesting, is that very very small minorities of students are causing huge anti-social behaviour for others, and in doing so, tarnish not only themselves, but the schools that they are dressed to represent. We have re-iterated to our students our expectations of them extend from the school and when they wear our uniform, they represent the us and themselves at all times. Legal guidance also makes clear that behaviour outside of school can be sanctioned using the school behaviour policy if students are in uniform. We all belong to society, and we all have a responsibility to act within the rule of law within it.

    I want our school to embed further its brilliant outcomes, but that also comes from ensuring that a positive culture for learning extends from the school to home. Our partnerships with parents are critical to this, but so are the our partnerships with the local community. We are a community school through and through, and we will respond appropriately with those in the school who cannot maintain our standards, in or out of school, swiftly and decisively. 

    Ms R