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Posted on: November 5th 2017

Remember remember...

The news has never been hugely uplifting, but this weekend, news of two moped delivery men in Tottenham and Walthamstow being attacked with acid was the lead story. As well as being incredibly local, it serves as a reminder that we do live in an urban environment and as well as offering opportunity to experience many amazing things, we also have to be very aware of some of the challenges we all face living in a cosmopolitan environment.

Safety of our children is always paramount. As the clocks went back last week, it’s worth asking parents and carers to remind all about taking safe precautions and being aware of their surroundings to and from school. I wrote recently about ensuring that phones were not visible whilst walking around, particularly after warnings from local police regarding the rise of moped snatches – and their response to this shown in a local article last week

Keeping safe is both present and hidden. As the weather and daylight changes, its worth again reminding your child about sensible precautions for moving around the local area. For our part, we will be repeating messages with the support of TFL, who will be coming in to support messages with yr 9 and as part of our curriculum in subjects like CPSHE for all yr groups.

In this day and age it isn’t just moving around physically, students need reminders about safe online behaviours too. How confident are you that your children can make judgements about who interacts with them online? If they receive a text message purporting to be someone, do they believe it? why?  Please spend some time looking at the advice offered here and please keep having those conversations around safety – little and regular will have the most impact.

Finally, I hope all have had a safe and memorable fireworks night - remember remember the 5th of Nov! 

Ms R

5 November 2017