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Posted on: June 11th 2017

A week in politics is a long time...

Like many, the referendum and the impact of its outcome have realigned our view of the political landscape. As a school we have been working hard to develop and support students to have a strong political literacy. The world order, and changes, have a direct and tangible impact on them. After the referendum last year, we were acutely aware that some students felt a sense of unease around traveling in London - this unease spanned a number of ethnicites and cultures.

The language and actions of (newly-appointed) world leaders were both more visible and more personal to our students and staff. So we responded, as education should. Students need to have a sharper understanding of the political stage and we are determined to offer them this as a right in our school. 

This week we held our first full school mock election - mirroring as much as we could the real process. At the start of the week, classes were introduced to the key points of manifestos by core learning teachers, expanding on these and following the interest of the students. One of the classes were converted into a polling station, and our student leaders officiated on the day, checking registration details and marking off students as they arrived. 

We even had an 'independant observer' in the form of Ms Yiannoullou who came to check on procedures, and we conducted an exit poll. The results of the HSG election were as follows: 

Conservative - 3%

Labour - 89% 

Lib Dems - 2%

Green Party 6%

UKIP 1.5%

Others 1.5%

Our informal exit polls pointed to the Labour manifesto pledge of removing tuition fees for university as key to the very strong performance shown. We were one of a number of schools that the TES chose to focus on too - you can read the article by clicking the link  

As well as the election, Ms Rooke and myself attended an evening event at the House of Lords in partnership with the John Smith Trust. We are hopeful that from this, we have developed some opportunites for our students.

The other huge event that took place locally was the Crouch End Festival. I was really disappointed not to be able to attend due to a long standing family engagement. So whilst I was in a church in Surrey, watching my niece's Holy Communion Service, Ms Rooke very kindly represented me and the school at the event. The second part of this blog rightly belongs to her... 

Crouch End Festival - Ms Rooke Reports!

I had the pleasure of representing the school this weekend and capturing the amazing community event that our students performed, compared and teachers helped organise. With a weekend (and more) of events, the Saturday has traditionally been the schools day and this year was no exception.

On stage were amazing performers across many schools; in the library there was fantastic art work designed by students across Haringey and the Creative writing had exceptional submissions. Hornsey School for Girls led the way with Ms Chapman co-ordinating the Haringey schools forum, leading the Creative writing competition in association with Pickled Pepper books, and arranging the Art exhibition. Our students contributed to the Art exhibition, gained runner up in the Creative writing Yr7&8 competition, drew in the crowds with the Steel Pans, solo performances, choreographed dances and readings.

It was amazing to see so many parents and students supporting the event. Our students made us so proud with behaviour, communication and responses. They thoroughly enjoyed seeing the performances from all of the schools and leading the way.

This week we are hosting the Crouch End concert for primary schools and look forward to our forthcoming Summer Celebration on the 11th July.

If you would like to see more please take a look at our Twitter feed or facebook page for the photos - there are many! 

Once again girls, you did us proud. Thank you to all the staff and students that were involved. We are a community school in every sense, in everything we do. The Crouch End Festival allowed us the opportunity to show this is every way. 

Ms R and Ms R - 11/06/2017