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History and Government and Politics

In the History and Government & Politics Department at Hornsey School for Girls we realise the amazing opportunities the dept offers.

We strongly believe that History and Government & Politics can:

  • develop literacy and the use of language
  • promote an understanding of tradition and heritage and an appreciation of the richness and diversity found within our school and community
  • provide a meaningful context for moral reasoning
  • encourage a sense of individuality
  • be a powerful motivator
  • develop independent life long learners

We aim to give pupils the opportunity to:

  • speak clearly and effectively to convey information and ideas to a variety of audiences
  • listen attentively to others
  • read confidently from a range of texts
  • write accurately and appropriately to express understanding, present information, develop argument and analysis
  • analyse a range of sources critically
  • develop independent and effective learning skills

We are committed to providing enjoyable, stimulating and challenging activities for all year groups and an environment in which everyone can feel valued and encouraged. We love our subject and know it can be exciting and engrossing. Lessons will be varied and include drama, role play, project work, individual research, group presentations and ICT.

In the classroom the learner is encouraged to think for themselves and problem solve; mistakes are always seen as learning experiences. Regular and informative assessment will give students the opportunity to assess their own progress and identify how they can improve their historical skills and understanding.

The department is led by Ms Gladstone

Resources & Facilities

The classrooms are all equipped with either and Interactive White Board or a projector. The department makes use of a range of resources including ICT, textbooks and department worksheets. Topics are supplimented by appropriate out of classroom experiences including visits to Parliament and Trips abroad - for example to Flanders.