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Exam Results

Our Amazing Results

"Congratulations to our amazing GCSE students 2019! You continue to make us proud and we know you will go on to amazing things! 

Overall 9-4 achieving highlights include:

  • 91% - Biology
  • 87% - Chemistry (43% of these 9-7)
  • 87% - Physics
  • 88% - Drama
  • 82% - Computer Science (46% of these 9-7)
  • 82% - RS (41% of these 9-7)
  • 80% - English Literature

Stand out individual performances include the following students:

  • Nuria who achieved nine grade 9’s, one grade 8, and one grade 6
  • Fatema who achieved six grade 9’s, three grade 8’s and one grade 7
  • Aasiyah who achieved four grade 9’s, two grade 8’s and four grade 7’s

This year the school has continued to develop deep partnerships that promote social and political curiosity about the world students live in, and crucially, how they can engage and change lives through developing key skills around problem solving, communication and creativity. Our aim across the school is to empower our students to be resilient and hardworking – something these results attest too.


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