Online Parents' Evening

Parents’ Evening – How to Attend a Parents’ Evening Booking (Online)


Where a Parents’ Evening Event is virtual - on the day of the Parents’ Evening, parents need to log in to Edulink One and click on the Parents’ Evening icon to beginThis might be located in the ‘More’ section of Edulink One, depending on the number of features your school is using.





A new window will open. They must click anywhere on the Parents’ Evening information, e.g. Year 8 Parents’ Evening.

Op 1


Click anywhere on the event.



Once you have clicked on the event, a booking window will open. At the top of the table, there is a button called Start Appointments. Click on Start Appointments which will open the video conferencing.


Start Appointments for Video Conferencing




The child’s teacher will start the appointments at the correct time and the appointments will happen automatically— parents just need to have the video conference open. 


Video Conference View


The next appointment is shown at the top and the list of the following appointments is shown at the bottom.

*Please note that parents will be cut off automatically at the end of the appointment time. This will be highlighted in the final 30 seconds by a red border. The teacher has no control over this.


*Where possible use Chrome Browser. Other browsers may not be supported.