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Our Mission Statement

Hornsey Sixth Form College is a centre of excellence and supports all students in their chosen academic and life goals. We recognise that the world is changing and strive to give our students the EDGE. 

We equip everyone with the skills and knowledge to empower them to pursue their life choices. Our mission goes beyond preparing students to apply for university and ensures they are given the skills to graduate and excel in their chosen field. 

HSC is so inclusive. Everyone is made to feel welcome.

Give yourself the EDGE


We expect excellence from our staff and students in all of their endeavours


We will support all students in driving towards their personal academic and life goals


We will prepare all students to successfully graduate from their sixth form studies to enable them to take their next steps


We equip all students with the academic and key skills to allow them all to excel throughout their life in whatever profession they choose to aspire to work in