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Maths Further AS

Why study Maths Further AS?

Any student planning on taking a Mathematics-rich degree will benefit enormously from this course.
Studying Maths Further AS will assist with a wide range of academic areas from Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Finance and Economics as well as Mathematics itself. It is now the case that some university courses will now only accept students with Further Maths qualifications for their Maths qualifications.

What will I study?

The course includes Further Pure Mathematics (FP1) which covers topics such as series, complex numbers, numerical solutions of equations, coordinate systems, matrix algebra and proof.
It also includes Decision Mathematics 1 (D1) which covers topics such as algorithms, algorithms on graphs, the route inspection problem, critical analysis, linear programming and matchings.
The course also includes Statistics 2 (S2) that looks at topics on the Binomial and Poisson distributions, continuous random variables, continuous distributions, samples and hypothesis tests.

Link to Edexcel Maths website

How is the course assessed?

Each module is assessed by a written examination. There is no coursework and internal assessments will take place at regular times in the year to ensure that students are on track.

What grades do I need to study Maths Further AS at HSC?

To choose this course you will need a minimum of an A grade in Maths at GCSE.