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Why study Sociology?

Sociology is about society – the social behaviour of people and the impact social institutions can have on their behaviour.  
Sociology will help you to develop a critical awareness of how the world really operates and why. An A Level in Sociology is an excellent choice for progression onto social science degree courses or jobs in social services or education. It is also viewed as a good 'gateway' course to a degree in other subjects. 

What will I study?

Sociology looks at the ways in which groups of people organise themselves and come to be as they are. In this subject you are challenged to really understand how society works.

AS Level

Unit 1: Families & Households. Students will learn about the relationship of the family to the social structure and social change, with particular reference to the economy and to state policies.
Unit 2: Education with Research Methods. The role and purpose of education, including vocational education and training, in contemporary society.

A2 Level

Unit 3: Beliefs in Society. Different theories of ideology, science and religion, including both Christian and non-Christian religious traditions.
Unit 4: Crime & Deviance. Students learn about the different theories of crime, deviance, social order and social control.

Link to AQA Sociology website

How is the course assessed?

This is a 100% exam based course with exams taking place after and based on each unit.

What grades do I need to study Sociology at HSC?

As a minimum you will require at least a grade B in English and a B grade in another Humanities subject.