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Religious Studies

Why study Religious Studies?

The Religious Studies A Level combines well with almost all humanities subjects such as History and Geography as well as with English and Philosophy. If taken with any of the scientific courses, and/or Maths, Religious Studies will give you a broad-based curriculum.
Successful completion of this course will give you access to a range of career and higher educational opportunities such as a Teacher, Journalist, Counsellor, Social or Youth & Community Care Worker.

What will I study?

Philosophy of Religion - A study of the philosophical arguments for the existence of God, the problem of evil and suffering and philosophical debates about miracles.
Ethics - A study of ethical theories, the relationship between religion and morality and applied ethics.

Link to Edexcel Religious Studies website

How is the course assessed?

Both the AS and A2 levels are assessed by two externally assessed examinations.

What grades do I need to study Religious Studies at HSC?

Students looking to study this course should have a GCSE grade B in Religious Studies or a humanities based subject. You will also need to have an interest in religion and/or wish to follow a philosophical or ethical approach to religion.