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Why study Physics?

An A Level in Physics is highly valued by universities, colleges and employers looking for people with analytical and problem solving skills.
It is an essential qualification for fields such as Engineering, Medicine, Optometry, Mathematics and Computer Science.

What will I study?


AS Level

Topic 1 - Particles and Radiation

Topic 2 - Waves and Optics

Topic 3 - Mechanics and Materials

Topic 4 - Electricity


A2 Level

Topic 5 - Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics

Topic 6- Fields and their consequences

Topic 7 - Nuclear Physics

Topic 8 - Choice of Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering Physics, Turning points in Physics or Electronics


Link to AQA Physics website

How is the course assessed?

AS - Two papers, each 1 hour 30 minutes, with a mix of long answer and multiple choice questions.

A-level - Three papers, each 2 hours, with a mix of long answer and multiple choice questions.

What grades do I need to study Physics at HSC?

As well as a love of science and an inquisitive mind you will require at least a B grade in Science GCSE Core or Physics GCSE with an additional B grade in Maths.