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English GCSE Retake

Why study English?

A good GCSE grade in English is important for many A Level and degree subjects as well as being a requirement in all jobs.

What will I study?

The course revisits all aspects of the GCSE English course with a specific focus on grade C material.
Paper 1 Responding to non-fiction and media texts reading, responding to non-fiction and media texts through writing to argue, persuade or advise.
Paper 2 Poetry from different cultures, writing to describe, explain and inform.
Coursework-  Original Writing-  Media-  Prose Study-  Portfolio of assessed oral activities.

How is the course assessed?

English GCSE is assessed as 40% coursework and 60% exams. The 40% coursework is assessed on a written portfolio. 

What grades do I need to study English GCSE at HSC?

Students wishing to choose this course will require a minimum of an D grade in English at GCSE. Full attendance in lessons is also required for this course.