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Why study Citizenship?

Citizenship is a great subject to study at HSC, where global citizenship is a core value. We aim to develop our students as leaders locally, nationally and internationally and our students have proven they can do it. As active citizens you will be encouraged to take opportunities to represent the college at Model United Nations Conferences and Haringey Student Voice events, for example, as well as raise awareness and get students' voices heard within the college and the wider community.
AS Citizenship is an inspiring course in topical issues giving you the confidence and conviction to participate in decision making and become active, effective citizens in public life. AS Citizenship can help your career path into higher education and working in Law, Politics or Social Care.

What will I study?

You will learn about Identity, Rights & Responsibilities. This includes subjects that deals with topics such as: what it means to be British, the equality of citizens, and the rights and responsibilities of the individual. The second study topic looks at Democracy, Active Citizenship and Participation. This includes questions such as 'Who can make a difference?, 'Who holds the power in the UK?' and 'How can I make a difference?'.
You will be able to use and apply citizenship knowledge developed throughout the course to be actively engaged in a range of citizenship campaign activities that address issues in school and the wider community.

How is the course assessed?

Unit 1: Identity & Democracy is a written exam paper with source based and mini essay questions and makes up 40% of your final mark.
Unit 2: Community Action & Active Citizenship is a written exam paper with source based and mini essay questions plus a structured question on active citizenship participation. Students bring an Active Citizenship Profile into the exam. This unit is worth 60% of your final mark. 

What grades do I need to study Citizenship at HSC?

Students will require a GCSE grade C or above in either Citizenship or Religious Education.