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Maths GCSE Retake

Why study Maths GCSE?

A good GCSE grade C in Maths is vital for many A Level and degree subjects as well as being a basic requirement for most jobs.

What will I study?

This course revisits all aspects of the GCSE Maths course with a specific focus on grade C material.
Subjects covered include:
Number & Algebra
Shape & Space
Handling Data
Using & Applying Mathematics
Students who missed attaining a grade C by ten marks or less will have the opportunity to retake the GCSE examination in November.

How is the course assessed?

Mathematics GCSE is assessed over two exams and students are allowed to use a calculator on the second exam paper. There is no coursework element to this course. 

What grades do I need to study Maths GCSE at HSC?

To choose this course you will need to complete a portfolio of work over the summer holidays to ensure that you are ready for the course in September 2016.
This portfolio of work is designed to bridge the gap between your GCSE grade and grade D of the curriculum so that you are able to start working at grade D in September and work towards the achievement of a grade C.