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Open Events 2020

We would like to welcome you to Hornsey School for Girls Virtual Open Event.

Please join us by clicking onto our main session here at 9.00am.

Historically, we invite year 6 students and parents to visit our school for the traditional open events, this is one of our favourite events. This usually provides an irreplaceable opportunity for student's and their parents to gain a feel of the school. As this is not currently possible, we have created a selection of resources and complied them on this page of our website to give you a sense of what Hornsey School for Girls is like.  Although it is impossible to virtually recreate the unique sense of family and community that we believe makes our girl's school so special, we hope the information given here will help you in your choice of secondary school. You will have the opportunity to virtually see the site, meet the teachers, and more importantly speak to our students and see their work. 

We have included a welcome video from our Acting Headteacher, Ms Rooke, feedback from our amazing girls and information from our fantastic staff body.

Key Messages

Teachers Thoughts

Students Reflections

School Montage

We would love for you to get a feel for what our school has to offer. We are delighted to provide you with a variety of specially created resources on this page for you to watch, listen to and read in your own time. We have arranged for a number of live streaming sessions, where you can meet and speak to subject teachers. There will be information shared in the Acting Headteachers talk and you will be introduced to our student services team and SENCo.

We would like everyone to first join us in our main session at 9.00 am. 

We are expecting families to join us at time convenient for them, therefore we have arranged for four morning events. 

Please click on the interactive map which will link you to all live streaming sessions and showcase some of the excellent on-site facilities available to our girls. 

Monday 12th October Friday 16th October



Wednesday 21st October Friday 23rd October



Should you have any questions arising from any of the information provided, or in relation to a potential application to join us, then please do get in touch via email or speak to our student services team in the main session at 10.10am. 

We hope you enjoy your visit today!


All our sessions will require families to have access to Gmail accounts. We have produced a “How to video” to help you prepare for the live event.

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