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Posted on: May 14th 2017

Take cover!

There’s been much on the news following the cyber attacks on a number of countries and organisations. It's a timely reminder to us all about our own safety, and that of our children.

Please do take the time to speak with your children about safe online behaviours – this includes clicking on links or emails that they’re unsure of. I appreciate ransomware works differently as a virus, but it is about making things as difficult as possible to enter into your homes and computers.

For further advice and guidance, please take a look at

On the topic of safety, there has been a targeted local rise in the use of moped mobile phone snatching. Mobile devices of all descriptions are easy targets, small, expensive, easy to sell on. Please ensure both you and your child take sensible precautions at all times. It’s easy to get completely preoccupied with texts messages and social media, but that is what opportunistic crime depends on. We want our students to travel safely to and from us, and like all people learning something, they will need messages to be repeated before they completely understood. A conversation tonight could make the difference tomorrow.

Ms R