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Posted on: July 10th 2018


What a wonderful experience to be part of the RAF100 celebrations today! Thankfully the relentless heat that we have had these last few days subsided a little so although I am a little more tanned, I haven't melted with heat exhaustion. 

For the last year, inline with Haringey borough focus, we have been supporting and developing our STEM provision with students. It is this connection which helped us develop our partnership with the RAF, and why we are only one of 10 schools nationwide who are featured in their commemorative book. Our journey as a school began in earnest 130 years ago, with the ethos of 'the better prepared, the stronger' embedded in all we did then. The RAF came into being a 100 years ago, and admitted women very many many years later. Today, in Horseguards parade, myself and Ms Peddie represented the ambitions and possible careers of our students to various people and companies. We found organisations willing to listen and learn from us as women and educators. Our partnership with the RAF has opened many doors, something which over the next year or so we hope you will see through our curriculum & the experiences we can offer our students. 

Watching the planes fly above us was emotional and uplifting. There was a time when as women were were excluded from careers, let alone careers in the armed forces, and flying. However, those planes today, in pristine formations, soaring high above us, show that with time all things change. You just need to be prepared for them. Our attendance today at this historic event felt like a metaphor for all we want for our students. Our ambitions are in the skies, dictating a new future and new partnerships. 

Ms Rooke 

July 2018