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Posted on: December 14th 2017

GCSE Science in Action STEM

GCSE Science in Action

The ‘GCSE Science in Action’ event involved five amazing speakers who are all experts in an exciting and current area of Science.  We heard a talk from a deep sea diver who had worked on Blue Planet 2 and a demonstration from a scientist who was testing out Physics equations and whether they would stop him from getting injured!  

However, the real highlight was a talk by Professor Robert Winston, the star of many BBC documentaries including ‘Child of our time’, ‘The Secret Life of Twins’ and ‘The Human Body’.  He spoke about the ‘Wonder of life’, from fertilisation to birth.  It was a fascinating talk and a real treat for the students to witness such a specialist talking about his own work improving IVF treatment and developing other world renowned techniques.

An amazing experience for students and staff alike!