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Posted on: June 25th 2017

Opportunities happen - when you create them

We were delighted this week that Ms George’s ongoing work allowed us an opportunity to shine a light on the brilliant talents our staff and students have with the Jack Petchey Awards.  Ms Chapman represented the senior leadership team at the event which would not have been possible without Ms George. Our toughest assignment was narrowing down the award winners. We shared a stage with our brilliant local schools too – here’s the local press link if you missed it


Shalayna – G&T KS3 Performing Arts

Shalyana is an extremely committed dancer. She attends all of the extra-curricular clubs and has improved significantly this year. Her rare level of tenacity and drive is a delight to see as well as her positivity and can do approach.

Alia  – Dance Group Alie is an amazing committed dancer. She supports all of her peers during their sessions and always goes the extra mile. Alie has made significant technical progress and continues to amaze her dance teachers. She has a positive approach to her learning and has made a great start to Ks4.

Afifa – Intervention Group Afifa has begun the school year positively, her attendance and punctuality to interventions have been outstanding she always participates in every task asked of her. Afifa is a very helpful student to others who are new to the school, her efforts and continuous achievements are noticed throughout her curriculum timetable.

Naimah – Student Leadership

Naimah is on the student leadership team and has a leading role in the decisions made within the group to support student voice at Hornsey. Naimah has been a creative thinker and has supported many of her peers. 

Ranai  – Crouch End Festival

Ranai has written a fantastic piece of writing for the Crouch End Festival and is the runner up winner, she has worked fantastically hard this academic year. Ranai is a very helpful student and supports her peers when necessary. She is a high achiever and we are very proud of her.

Rokia – Film Club

Rokia attends the film club every week and always contributes to the film discussion after a film has been screened; she is always engaged and supports other students to have a love for films. Rokia writes her own review of the film and this really helps her analytical skills. 

Millie – Garden Club

Millie has worked so hard on the Garden Project and attends every week; she enjoys lots of hands – on experience of growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. The Gardening project contributes to the schools canteen by supplying Fruit and Veg for yummy dinners.

Sonia– School Choir

Sonia is part of the School Choir, this has really helped her grow in confidence and singing skills. She is a true inspiration to many students in the choir.

Ms Ongley– Inspirational Leader award

Ms Ongley always goes the extra mile without any hesitation to support the students during their performing and creative arts lessons. Every Year Vicky and her team insure that we have an outstanding performance from our Students; enjoyed by the Hornsey school community, carers, parents and more. Vicky is the Head of Performing and Creative Arts at Hornsey School and insures that all of our students achieve to the best of their abilities and become outstanding performers in everything they do. 

Sometimes its just nice to say thanks. On Friday we went #GreenforGrenfell and have raised over £700 pounds (still awaiting an exact figure) for the London Fire Fund. Thank you to everyone who supported those in need. We really are the community, and we stand as one. We wish all readers a happy Eid if they are celebrating. We will be taking part in a minutes silence in reflection of the events of Finsbury Park tomorrow. 

Ms R